Our Go 2 Thrive podcast guest today is Rachel Druckenmiller. Rachel is on a mission to re-humanize the workplace by harmonizing the power of intentional leadership. With over 13 years of experience in the wellness industry, she is an award-winning thought leader and speaker.

The main question of this interview:

Why Do We Need To Re-Humanize Wellness?

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We asked Rachel the following questions:

        • Share a favourite quote, and why it resonates with you?
        • When it comes to being healthy and thriving, can you share what really matters?
        • Yet we’re using our mobiles, and we’re all connecting with people only on our devices instead of real-life connections?
        • What is your take on the current company culture in general?
        • What is a leader?
        • There’s a generation that is standing up right now and are saying, I’m leaving the company because of you.
        • Why was it necessary for you to address re-framing wellness?
        • What do you mean by the shift from scaring to caring?
        • What are three essential ingredients that companies need to use, to positively influence the mental health of employees?
        • What can people do when they are feeling stuck in the workplace?
        • Sometimes the person who’s in charge of creating the opportunities doesn’t know what they (personnel) want? Or which direction that their coworker or their employee wants to go?
        • How can organisations connect with remote workers to prevent them from being and feeling disconnected?
        • Can you share your vision for creating a sustainable, thriving workplace?

Interview highlights

        • There’s a quote by Howard Thurman which is: “don’t ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
        • Most people say, “Oh, it’s eating well and exercising” The thing that distinguishes a good life from a great life is having deep relationships.
        • We have to really focus on what we can do to be more intentional with face to face interactions and connections because there is no substitute for that.

‘Culture happens by design or by default’. And in a lot of organizations, their culture is happening by default.

        • Bob Chapman, who’s the CEO of Barry Wehmiller, and the author of the book, Everybody Matters, [ ] says we have a leadership crisis, and that that is the thing that is affecting health and well-being more significantly.
        • Most of the conversation around wellness was about a ROI, getting people to do things, biometric screenings, health risk assessments. We need to re-humanize wellness because we have made it so clinically focused and we have removed the individual and the person and the complexity of that from the equation.

Being a leader is someone who casts a compelling vision and who looks for ways to buoy up people to rally around that vision.

        • We need to shift from scaring people into being well, which we know does not work, into really making sure that our focus and our intention is on caring about and for them.
        • Have consistent and ongoing check-ins with employees / getting trained on the symptoms of burnout / being intentional about offering resources and communicating that frequently to employees
        • I think of a place where everyone feels supported to pursue some aspect of work that lights them up. Instead of trying to put people into the boxes, that the role is, that we look at each individual, that we focus more intentionally on ‘what are their personal values and what are their core strengths’.

Thanks to Rachel Drukkenmiller for joining us in this episode!
Please click the audio player to hear our entire conversation.

Rachel Drukkenmiller on LinkedIn
Rachel’s website The Unmuted Life

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