Our Go2Thrive! podcast guest today is Laura Putnam. Laura is the author of Workplace Wellness That Works. She is CEO of Motion Infusion, created for organizations to get in motion, and on a path to a sustainable well-being culture. Her ultimate goal is to see employees primed and engaged at work.

The main question of this interview:

Why Do Companies Need Workplace Wellness That Works?

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We asked Laura the following questions:

    • What is your take on the current company culture in general?
    • Why do companies need workplace wellness?
    • What three essential ingredients do companies need, to use to create a thriving culture?
    • Are you able to bridge the word compassion in the corporate world, in any way, shape or form?
    • What role can employees play when it comes to improving well-being?
    • Share with our listeners the benefits of sustainable workplace wellness?
    • If we think in terms of tangible corporate benefits, there is a spiral effect in terms of engagement, creativity, productivity isn’t there?
    • How can managers stimulate creativity towards well-being within their team?
    • What do you think about the war for talent? Is it fixable? Is there hope?

Interview highlights

Company culture is so important. It really makes or breaks people’s day in and day out existence.

    • They’ve got the ping pong table, the Margarita machine, the beanbag chairs, the meditation room, but they’re really lacking a ‘for real’ culture.
    • The culture of the team really trump’s the culture of the larger organization.
    • It’s a really, really good idea to leverage the workplace, which I like to call the school for adults.
    • Work has a tremendous influence on their lives and what they bring back to their families.

Leverage work as a place to really help people to be healthier, in the face of this larger toxic culture that we’re all living in.

    • There’s a lot of workplace wellness out there which I consider to be kind of ‘check the box’ and in some ways, it’s doing more harm than good.
    • How can we move from these standalone wellness programs to it really becoming part of the DNA?
    • Three essential ingredients for managers: compassion, creative growth, and courage.
    • We simply cannot underestimate the importance of compassion
    • We tend to frame wellness as around “personal choices” and I like to rename those as “community choices”.
    • Sustainable workplace wellness to me means it’s a place where people can be human beings when they come to work, rather than having to kind of check their authentic emotional self at the door when they come to work.

Empower managers to become, quote, ‘multipliers of well-being as opposed to gatekeepers’

Thanks to Laura Putnam for joining us in this episode!

Please click the audio player to hear our entire conversation.

Laura Putnam on LinkedIn
Laura’s websites Motion Infusion | Laura Putnam

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