Our guest of today’s episode is Max Hunter, who is a Chief Joy Officer. Max is going to share some tips about thriving in the workplace.

The main question of this interview:

What Is Needed To Create Thriving Workplaces?

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We asked Max the following questions:

  • What triggered your interest in creating a happier, more engaged workplace?
  • If you had to pick just one theme that you feel is relevant for happier workplaces, what would that be?
  • In order to embed a program to increase engagement in an organization, you need to, in your words “engage the minds and hearts of the people”. Why is this so important?
  • What is one simple tool or step you would implement to ensure the heart is engaged?
  • Typically for most employees, the evaluation process is something they don’t look forward to. How would you recommend changing the employee appraisal process to increase engagement?
  • What is your vision of employee engagement for the future?
  • Max is there one last thought you’d like to leave our audience with?


Interview highlights

  • I realized there were things holding me and others back from realizing their full potential, becoming fully motivated.
  • The motivation and the passion that gets released when you’re doing something that you really want to do when you have that freedom and autonomy and that chance to grow.
That employees wake up on a Monday morning and really look forward to going back to work. #go2thrive #MaxHunter #employeeengagement Click To Tweet
  • It’s one thing to have great ideas, great PowerPoint slides, great initiatives but making them stick, last and work in an organization, that’s the real key.
  • The conditions in an organization that are set from the top down have a massive impact on people’s lives; on their potential to be motivated, their potential for joy, their potential for creation.
We are programmed to want to make a difference. And when we don't have that chance, when we don’t have control over our lives, we go into a downward spiral. #go2thrive #MaxHunter #MakeADifference Click To Tweet
  • The truth is, that engaged, as you and I allude to, is about winning the hearts as well as the minds.
  • ‘Should’ comes from the head, ‘must’ comes from the head. But ‘want to’ really comes from the heart.
The key tool for winning hearts is finding things that people want to and have a passion, to engage with. #go2thrive #MaxHunter #WinningHearts #EmployeeEngagement Click To Tweet
Thanks to Max Hunter for joining us in this episode!

Please click the audio player to hear our entire conversation.

Max Hunter on LinkedIn
Max’s website Max Hunter & Partners

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