Our guest of today’s episode is Alex Slavenburg. Alex advises and supports organizations who want to improve or increase their happiness at work for their employees.

The main question of this interview:

What Does It Take To Create Happiness @ Work?

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We asked Alex the following questions:

  • What triggered your interest in creating happier and more engaged workplaces?
  • Can you say something about why some articles in the Netherlands but also internationally, which mock the phrase ‘happiness at work’?
  • Happiness@work is really a win – win – win, isn’t it?
  • Why is it so important to their happiness at work for a person and their manager to know their strengths? 
  • Why should the organization focus on happiness at work and what benefits does it bring in the organization?
  • Happiness at work is also another way for a company to create brand ambassadors. Who can influence indirectly the customers but also the future talent?
  • What qualities does a leader need in order to ensure that happiness is part of their culture?

Interview highlight

In Holland, we don’t have a different word for luck and happiness. And that triggers a lot of people by saying ‘I don’t see the connection between work and happiness or in this case the connection between work and ‘geluk’, which is the Dutch word for it.

The happiness at work movement is based upon positive psychology, which is having a focus on more of what you want. It’s a much more forward movement. To be able to do that, you really need to know your own strengths. If you start using those strengths, then you will see you get more happiness at work and eventually get more happiness in life as well.

There's a lot of research about it, and more and more organizations and managers realize that promoting and managing employee happiness is a smart thing to do. #leadership #employeeengagement Click To Tweet

Employees experience less stress. They are less ill, they are more creative, more curious about things in general and they are much more engaged and motivated. They work better together, and they get more appreciation from colleagues and their managers

From a business perspective, it adds because if they are less ill, fewer people sick there’s a lower turnover,  an increase in sales and productivity and better customer satisfaction.

I prefer customer happiness instead of satisfaction because satisfaction is a sort of “how do I think about a business”, and customer happiness is more “how do I feel about the business.

When businesses work with happy people, they are more attractive, so they get more people and more talent. Especially in this time of economics, it's important to be an attractive employer. #employeeengagement #happiness #leadership Click To Tweet

Happiness at work is really a source of inspiration for a lot of companies, and it’s important to be successful in the future from my perspective.

I’ve seen companies where they really are focusing on the happiness of their employees, where 99 per cent of the people say I’m proud of working here and I brag about it. That’s gold!

If you’re not happy as a leader, you can’t take the next steps to happiness. Reflect on how you’ll feel if you were happy and if you’re not, take actions on that.

Be happy yourself and show it
Be energetic and attentive to people and show them you care
Have time for your people, give them attention
It’s not rocket science
The hardest thing is just doing it, and take care of it, and do it with attention.

Please click the audio player to hear our entire conversation.


Thanks to Alex Slavenburg for joining us in this episode!

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