Our guest of today’s episode is Shea Harty. Shea is a consultant, project manager, mentor, educator, coach, and overall problem solver. She believes in looking at things from a different perspective with a holistic view by helping companies as a company culture designer.

The main question of this interview:

What Does It Take To Create A Thriving Company Culture?

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We asked Shea the following questions:

  • What has been your motivation to move into the areas regarding culture change and employee engagement?
  • Why is approaching employee engagement only from an HR angle not effective?
  • In a previous interview with Vivian, you mentioned employee sustainability is about the engagement of the employee. Can you give some more background into this comment that you made?
  • The connection to the purpose of the company, can you do that in any other way than just hiring the right people? Most companies are ‘stuck’ with the employees they have.
  • What kind of tips can you give companies or managers regarding the involvement of their employees and their co-workers in living their values?
  • If someone is unhappy at work due to the company culture, what would be your advice to that person?
  • Why is it important for a company to invest in their brand ambassadors?
  • Shea, what is your vision of employee engagement for the future?

Interview highlights

  • How can we get our employees to be more engaged and more involved in delivering the strategy in the long term goals for the company?
Looking at their employees just from an H.R. perspective is very limited. It's a whole person that joining your company and it's more than just the role that they do. #sheaharty #leadership #HR #thriving #purpose #employeeengagement… Click To Tweet
  • We’re talking about how do we connect our employees to the purpose of the company and how do we make sure that we have employees beyond just the task.
  • Part of it is communication and bringing people on-board the journey of where the company wants to go.
  • It’s not just who they are but who we are as a group, as a community. We are a community that believes in X. We are a community that does ‘this’.
Be the change that they seek. In the first step, talk to management but not just management but other employees. Culture change doesn't just happen from the top down. #sheaharty #leadership #HR #thriving #purpose #employeeengagement… Click To Tweet
  • It’s also from the bottom up. Go as a group. There is strength in numbers. You can break one match easily but put 20 matches together and you can’t break them.
  • It’s important to have brand ambassadors. It actually matters more and more. People care about where they’re shopping, who they’re shopping with, where they go to buy things.
  • It’s almost like karma. It’s important to invest in your people. It’s important because of the long term effects.
  • We’ve gone past engagement and we’re now into an experience. It’s more about really caring about the interaction that you have with your employees.
  • I think organizations miss the fact that you can do small things to make big changes. Saying thank you. Leaving your door open as a manager. Just leave your door open. Being transparent. It’s the little things that matter and managers consistently miss the little things

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Thanks to Shea Harty for joining us in this episode!

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