Our guest of today’s episode is Onno Hamburger. Onno is a positive psychologist and consultant, coach and trainer. And he’s the co-author of the successful book Gelukkig Werken, Happiness at Work together with Ad Bergsma

The main question of this interview:

What Is Needed To Create Sustainable Happiness In The Workplace?

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We asked Onno the following questions:

  • What triggered your interest in creating happier, more engaged workplaces?
  • What do you say to people or to companies that don’t believe in positive psychology or find it very hard to believe in positive psychology? Why is it so important to have this factor at work?
  • Why is it not only important for leaders to show appreciation but also to pay attention to meaning and purpose?
  • Autonomy has been one of the words that has come across in a couple of different interviews as well. What are your thoughts on this?
  • What is your vision regarding employee happiness and engagement for the future?
  • Are there other ways to engage with people to increase engagement without using technological tools?
  • Are you suggesting that all emotions are allowed in the workplace?
  • Can you provide our listeners with one or two sustainable suggestions for how leaders can support their organizations and employees to flourish at work?
  • What do you think about the role of Chief Happiness Officer?


Interview highlights

  • I realized that I wasn’t happy at work. So for me, that was the starting point to start thinking about what makes me happy and what makes people in general happy.
A lot of people understand by intuition that if people are feeling well at work, they will also be working better with other people, be more creative, be more innovative. #leadership #onnohamburger #go2thrive #leadership… Click To Tweet
  • If you really want to work on happiness at work showing appreciation to your people is just one part. It should go a little deeper to help people to flourish.
  • Make people aware of their values, of their personality, or to help them to steer themselves in that way. That’s much more sustainable than to just focus on compliments and appreciation. I think that’s more short term.
Focus on purpose. And by doing that you become less dependent on the people around you and you become more autonomous. #leadership #onnohamburger #go2thrive #leadership #employeeengagement #workplacewellness #leader #management #purpose… Click To Tweet

Thanks to Onno Hamburger for joining us in this episode!
Please click the audio player to hear our entire conversation.


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