Our guests of today’s episode are Sheila Gemin and Angela Gest-McCall. They are partners with a core focus on executive development, leadership, individual and team coaching as well as research.

The main question of this interview:

What is leadership’s role in creating thriving workplaces?

We asked Angela and Sheila the following questions:

  • Why is it so important for senior level executives to enhance their self-awareness?
  • Can you share with our audience why diversity has such an impact on an organization’s success?
  • How can recognizing their own unique characteristics, talents and capacities, lead to leaders becoming the best version of themselves?
  • The demands for high performance are the expectation within most organizations. With your sports background, what can you give our listeners as tips on how to become, as the term has been bandied about over the years, a corporate athlete. What’s needed?
  • How important is mindset to a leader?
  • What is your vision of employee engagement for the future?

Interview highlights

  • If we don’t know ourselves, then how can we possibly know how to engage in the most effective way to tap into the creativity and the power of another person’s slice of genius.
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  • To tap into the abilities, the talents, the possibilities, the potential that our team members bring to the table, we can only do that if we understand who we are.
  • We need to recognize where our strengths are, what our weaknesses and our challenges are, where we need to lead and where we need to step back and allow others to lead.
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  • We can learn a lot from the sports world and the other way around. But it’s not applicable one on one. In the corporate world, there are a lot more factors and challenges that you need to tackle. The sports world is just a simple one goal winning or losing.
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  • If you are taking a step towards leadership, you know you need to be very consistent in the things you do, the things that you say, the things that you predict, and the way you want to lead other people.
  • Who is going to help you to be successful in the role that you hold? Athletes have coaches, physiotherapists, they have analytics they have just the normal support system there to make sure that they will increase their chances to win.
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  • We all need to have the mindset that we are not infallible, we are human beings, we have the opportunity to learn and to grow and we need to challenge ourselves.
  • Mindset determines what we pay attention to and therefore what we focus on and what we focus on determines the results that we prioritize and the success that we’re able to have or not.

Thanks to Sheila Gemin and Angela Gest-McCall for joining us in this episode!

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