Our guest of today’s episode is Cyriel Kortleven. Cyriel is a global speaker, an expert in creativity and change for more than 15 years. He is considered a thought leader (or as he likes to say – a simplifier) in this area and is the author of five books, his latest is the ‘Change Mindset’.

The main question of this interview:

How To Create An Organizational Change Mindset?

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We asked Cyriel the following questions:

  • In an interview, I heard you say that you wake up every day, very happy. Share with us and our listeners, why this is.
  • A question that comes to my mind because you mentioned cyphers, the numbers. If on a scale of 1 to 10, where are you, in terms of fulfilment?
  • If there is one thing that we can say about life is that it changes every second of every day. No one is exempt from this. Yet people resist change. Why do you think that is?
  • What is a ‘nearling’?
  • What do you feel is the biggest challenge organizations have to overcome, in this VUCA world – a world that’s constantly evolving, constantly changing?
  • What’s one tip that you can share with us to create a more positive meeting culture?
  • What kind of leaders do you think are needed to lead in this current VUCA world?
  • What is your vision for thriving workplaces towards the future?

Interview highlights

  • I don’t like to call myself a thought leader but more a simplifier or a creator. I think I’m quite good at simplifying a message, bringing things together, inspiring people.
  • I think once you have a mission in life or a goal in life, it makes it a lot easier to grow and be happy every morning.
  • I would give myself a nine. It’s not every day you know. It will shift. Some days it will be a seven. If I’m below a seven, that’s not good. That’s a signal I really have to change something.
  • A lot of people prefer what I call the status quo. Even if they’re not really happy, if they are a five or six on that scale we talked about, they stay there because they’re afraid if they do something else it could be worse.
  • People don't like to fail. They only strive for success. #changemindeset @CyrielKortleven #leadership #growthmindset Click To Tweet
  • There is no KPI on how many times have you failed. Which is a bit bizarre because if you look at learning, if you want to learn something, failure will happen.
  • The word failure has a negative connotation and even if you could say ‘oh you have to fail more’ or ‘fail forward’, it’s still it still has negative connotations.
  • What I’ve done with a few colleagues is come up with a new word and that word is a ‘nearling’. A nearling is something you’ve done with the right intention but that has not yet led to the right result.
If we can move away from the negative connotation indeed of failure, and go to more the learning stage, that's where we need to go. #changemindeset @CyrielKortleven #leadership #growthmindset Click To Tweet
  • What I’m seeing in a lot of organizations instead of going to that simple solution, they come up with something complex.
  • Sometimes people are spending 30-40-50 per cent of their time only following procedures and stuff and they have no clue why they’re doing it.
  • You as the leader, need to have the guts to say, people, we stop this procedure because it’s not adding any added value anymore.
  • I think we can put some of the meetings in the same category as the ladders. Why do we have that meeting? Because it’s Monday morning and we have a meeting every Monday morning.

Thanks to Cyriel Kortleven for joining us in this episode!

Please click the audio player to hear our entire conversation.


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