Our Go2Thrive podcast guest today is Jac Bressers.  We interviewed Jac in the offices of Tétris Design & Build in the Netherlands, where Jac is the managing director. And as managing director, Jac uses his enthusiasm to make sure everyone can maximize their full potential. Tétris Design & Build focuses on designing and building ‘places people enjoy‘.

The main question of this interview:

How Does the Workspace Influence Employee Engagement?

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We asked Jac the following questions:

    • Share a favorite quote, and why it resonates with you?
    • Can you share something more about the Coca-Cola project Tétris Netherlands was involved with?
    • The open, flexible workspace design doesn’t seem to be working, certainly not for everyone. Why? How has it failed? What’s going wrong?
    • What kind of choices people have, when they want to work at the JLL Tetris office in Amsterdam?
    • What factors in a workplace design contribute to an unhealthy workplace?
    • We discussed noise but what else contributes besides noise, to an unhealthy workspace?
    • Something that appears to be important to Tétris, is environmental sustainability. Would you agree?
    • You also regard the well-being of the employees as important. Why is that?
    • What’s one step an organization can take, to enhance the well-being of employees and visitors.
    • Is there an emotional impact on the employees when they know that the office that they work in is considered green or healthy or maybe WELL certified?
    • What is your vision for creating a thriving sustainable workplace?
    • If you could challenge directors, CFO, C level, those facility managers, what kind of question would you ask them? Or what would you challenge them with?
    • Jac’s question to us: What is the advice you can give me, that nobody else is doing? What should I do, to be more successful than I am today?

Interview highlights

    • “We hire the will, we teach them the skill.”
    • Because the new fit-out is used as a cost-saving measure, rather than something to contribute to the work that people are performing

There’s no room for the different individuals, the different working activities that you need to do. It’s just generic, and then it goes wrong.

    • The neatest places in the office, the best views, the best place that you want to be, are not used for a director’s office or corner office but are used for where all the employees get together.
    • They feel proud. They feel respected, they feel rewarded. It’s an upcycle that just continues each day you’re in the office, and they feel valued
    • Ensure there are no toxic materials used anymore. Something that we do not see or experience when we work in that space but it does have an impact.

You do it for them (the employees/clients), and so why not listen to them? Why not pay attention to them? Because in the end, that’s where the success is.

    • ‘Places People Enjoy’- the place where people are, but they need to enjoy themselves. Bring these three together and you’ve done magic; you’ve done what you need to do.
    • There’s no not doing healthy and green stuff because that’s the way to go.

See the investment that you’re making into your office and how that pays back in the result that your company will have.

    • I hope we’re past the short term ROI and we’re looking at sustainable results and growth in the organization rather than just the shareholder’s view and next year.

Thanks to Jac Bressers for joining us in this episode!

Please click the audio player to hear our entire conversation.

Jac Bressers on LinkedIn
Tétris Design & Build Netherlands website
Coca-Cola new office in Rotterdam
Tetris & JLL Netherlands office 

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