Our Go2Thrive! podcast guest today is David Allen. David is the author of five books including his best seller, Getting Things Done, a methodology which is being taught in 80 countries. He’s considered a leading authority in the fields of organizational and personal activity.

The main question of this interview:

How Does Freedom and Clarity in Your Head Help You Thrive?

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We asked David the following questions:

  • Vivian asked the following: I have a son of five years old. When is the best time to apply Getting Things Done?
  • Can you explore a little bit more about how the common lexicon within the Getting Things Done methodology, and how it enhances communication among employees? I’m curious about how this can affect relationships in the workplace.
  • What is one thing that you continue to see happening in organizations that prevents them from becoming thriving workplaces?
  • What do you think about all the digital challenges like the mobile and the tablet, which are claiming our focus or which are distracting our focus, from doing the tasks that are at hand?
  • One of your quotes I’ve read is “creativity, innovation, strategic thinking and simply being present don’t require time. They require space.” Can you share with our listeners what you mean by space and why this is so important?
  • How many thoughts we can hold at one time?
  • Can you give us three ways of how the GTD methodology helps individuals and organizations to thrive?
  • You are in your early 70s now. What is your recipe for still going strong and still thriving?
  • What are your predictions for the future of organizational development?

Interview highlights

  • As soon as your son can have that conversation – have it. You’ll be teaching him outcome and action thinking, which is not something we’re born to.
  • There’s a lot of clarity still needed in the conversations and in the dialogue and in the lexicon of the organizations.
  • There are probably quite a number of factors [happening in organizations] – what most comes to mind, is the lack of clarity about roles, lack of clarity about accountability, and lack of response-ability.
  • One of the greatest sources of stress is the lack of agreement keeping.
  • The speed of change is speeding up. You can’t rest on your laurels for very long and you have to reconfigure, renegotiate, rework, re-calibrate and refocus much more rapidly than ever.
  • It’s a whole lot about the acceptance factor of reality and then moving forward with that, as opposed to resisting reality.
  • Be present, essentially with whatever it is you’re doing, and have clear space, so you have room to have good ideas.
  • Stop using your head as an office. It’s a noisy place and it’s a terrible office, not one designed to do that.
  • Notice what has your attention or what has the tension you’re experiencing and what would you need to do to relieve that.
  • Learning to deal with a workforce that is virtual and distributed and decentralized, is a big challenge.

Thanks to David Allen for joining us in this episode!

Please click the audio player to hear our entire conversation.


David Allen on LinkedIn
David’s website Getting Things Done

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