Our Go2Thrive podcast guest speaker of today is Erik Eklund. Erik empowers people to lead thriving businesses, through authentic leadership and communication. He is the founder of Connecting Humans and also one of the initiators of #LinkedInLocal.

The main question of this interview:

How Can You Be The Authentic You?

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We asked Erik the following questions:

  • Why is the WHY so important?
  • How did you come become so addicted to personal growth?
  • Can you explain the essence of what you learned the day you were ‘walking the line’?
  • Can you tell us about #LinkedInLocal initiative and why you feel that it has taken off?
  • How do you feel we can create a world where we thrive, where we feel that we matter, that we’re good enough?

Interview highlights

  • I’ve always been a master of finding solutions, not excuses.
  • I realized that stories are the most important tool or asset. This is where the why comes in because I realized that through my story, I found my WHY.
When the why is coming from within, the more invested we will be in whatever we would like to do. @erikinspiration #WHY #Purpose #Authenticity #inclusive #leadership Click To Tweet
  • The other part of WHY is this thing of feeling fully happy, fulfilled and thriving.
  • Vibrate in this way, that only you can do. And oh my god, the people you attract, the opportunities, the lifestyle!
  • The end result, when I’m finding my true self, this is when I am able to vibrate so much and being able to contribute to others around me.
  • The more I learned what personal growth truly was, I learned how much the mind is capable of and how our lives can be affected.
  • Stagnating would be the worst thing in my life.
  • Continuously trying to look for progress and excellence by enjoying every moment of living.
  • Let’s have a big goal but let’s enjoy every moment. Let’s celebrate the small progress by focusing on the lesson in each step.
  • In life, there’s so little that we can control but we can be a hundred percent responsible how we respond to things.
  • We are becoming so digitally focused that we’re forgetting that offline connection. That real human connection and people still crave for it.
  • If we can just think of those three: collaboration, care and compassion, I believe that we can create a world where we thrive and feeling that we matter enough, it’s rather that simple.
  • If we connect ourselves as human to one another, we will be able to thrive.

Thanks to Erik Eklund for joining us in this episode!

Please click the audio player to hear our entire conversation.


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