Welcome to Go2Thrive’s first podcast. I’m Mary Jane Roy. And I’m Vivian Acquah. We are two women who want to empower people to be happy before during and after work.

Our first rendezvous was at a Professional Women’s Network event, and then I asked Mary Jane last year if she was interested in an interview about dealing with stress at work.

We did the interview and realized that we have more to share that when it comes to workplace wellness. And that’s how the idea of creating a Go2Thrive! Podcast series got started and produced.

For the first podcast, we are going to interview each other.

Mary Jane‘s expertise is in stress and resiliency. She’s committed to creating a thriving employee environment.

Mary Jane, can you share your personal story as to why you started your company Creating Waves?

Yes, I can. Thanks, Vivian for asking. After spending 25 plus years not working from my heart, I started developing health issues.

Ironically or coincidentally to do with my heart. For years I jokingly said that I was a stress bunny. I had become a master at creating fiction for myself. What if this happens, what if that happens most of it never came to pass. But I acted as if it was a fact.  And so prior to that diagnosis the heart had blood pressure problems. I had already started on my personal development path wanting to get to know myself better.

About a year after that diagnosis in 2007 I decided to take a sabbatical. Really put me first. I remember telling my husband at the time I want to find what I’m passionate about.

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Now I began my career as a registered nursing officer in the Canadian Armed Forces and this I think was what prompted me and from this background that I went in search of discovering what stress is, what it does to us physiologically and how we can better deal with the stresses in our lives. And so over the years I’ve pursued and studied these topics of stress, also resiliency, positive psychology, happiness at work.

And the funny thing is on this happiness at work I used to think this was an oxymoron that these two words happiness and work just don't belong together in the same sentence. #go2thrive #workplacewellness #corporatewellness Click To Tweet

There’s so much pain in our workplaces where there can be so much enjoyment pleasure and fulfillment. Now at a given moment Vivian I realized the expertise in these areas was something that needed to be shared. That’s why I started Creating Waves my company.

I wanted to inspire people to take actions which will allow them to make the most supportive choices for themselves, to manage their work-life integration, to bring awareness about the culture of happiness. In essence to help people thrive.

Wow, that’s so inspiring Mary Jane. Thank you.

What’s your vision for the future? Can you share it with us?

Well, I thought about this, and one that comes to mind is that all organizations realize the role they have in ensuring that employees are cared for and that they implement the necessary steps to support the emotional mental and physical well-being of their people. I think that says that in a nutshell. It does. Thanks, Vivian

Vivian now I’m going to be interviewing you. I’m going to share a little bit.

I know Vivian‘s expertise is taking people from disconnected unmotivated burned out to Happy Healthy engaged and productive. And Vivian your company is called Viva la Vive.

Can you share your personal story as to why you started your company?

Yes, I will. Thank you. My personal story started a few years ago. 22nd of July to be exact in 2009. Because that’s the day when the world lost a beautiful soul.

And ever since that day nothing has been the same anymore. I’m talking about my grandmother Maame Agatha Acquah. She lost her life because of diabetes Type 2 and hypertension. At that time I did not realize how big of an impact her loss would be.

I realized that when I became a mother myself with my son Orlando and I saw how my mother, the granddaughter of Orlando, interacted with her grandson. I myself was well on the way and becoming diabetic. I never knew how serious this illness was and what kind of harm I could do to my child and myself.

At the time of four months, my son inspired me to change my unhealthy lifestyle and look into my Ghanaian roots. This made me lose 41 kilos.

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So that I can become a healthy role model for my son. I knew in my heart that I had to share in my experience to help others to become a better version of themselves. I saw too many people in the workplace getting burned out, feeling overworked and disconnected for so many years.

That’s why I decided to become a workplace wellness advocate to help people become better versions of themselves so that they can become a healthy and happy role model.

Vivian that’s inspiring. It really is.

Can you also share your vision for the future?

What I wish for the future is to help create a generation where workplace wellness will help businesses and employees to thrive not only at work but also at home in their personal lives.

I want to contribute to a healthier generation where parents, uncles, aunties, grandparents, etc. are helpful role models at work and also after work. #go2thrive #workplacewellness #corporatewellness Click To Tweet

Beautifully said thank you.
And just so you know, we will be inviting others to share their story and empower people to thrive.


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