Empowering People To Be Happy Before, During & After Work!

The Go2Thrive! podcast series has been initiated to inspire people to
create space for happiness in the workplace and Go2Thrive!

Mary Jane Roy & Vivian Acquah want to make happiness the new norm
and bring solutions to engage in the workplace.

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  • Who is our audience?

    We ‘speak’ to executives and employees at all levels, who are interested in creating engaged, communicatively competent, connected, well-balanced, happy, healthy, productive personnel and workplaces.

  • Who are our speakers?

    We have spoken with a variety of experts, sharing pearls of wisdom on a variety of topics, all aimed to achieve our goal as stated above.

    Season one’s podcasts have focused on European specialists from the Netherlands, Germany, UK, Spain, Belgium, and Italy.

  • What are the topics?

    The discussions have ranged from appreciation (why it’s so important), changing mindsets to leadership skills (what’s essential to be effective), to what a thriving workplace ‘looks and feels like’.

1st Season

18 Inspiring Guest speakers

Our Team